After Amber Heard concluded her testimony in the defamation suit that her ex-husband Johnny Depp filed against her have said their piece, and will now be moving into the witness interview phase.

Closing arguments in the case are currently set for May 27. Depp is seeking $50 million for Heard’s op-ed which she wrote about being a survivor of sexual abuse, claiming it damaged his reputation and career prospects.

Depp and Heard are both denying each other’s accusations of physical abuse towards one another throughout their relationship and marriage that stretched from 2011 to 2016. Depp still maintains that he has never hit a woman in his life, and his legal team has attempted to blame Heard for injuries he sustained in Australia, including severing his finger on an alcohol bottle Depp claims Heard threw at him. Heard contends that this didn’t happen, and says that this was the stretch of time when Depp penetrated her with a vodka bottle.

When Heard was questioned by Depp’s lawyer about the timeline of when the finger severing occurred compared to the assault, she responded, “I have never claimed to remember the exact sequence of these things. This was a multiday assault that took place over three horrible days. This was the worst thing [that] ever happened to me.”

Through her cross-examination, Heard was also shown several pictures that were captured during periods she claimed she was being abused and was scrutinized by Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez for not having enough visual injuries. Heard told Vasquez at one point, “Make-up will not cover the swelling… ice will,” in reference to her efforts to hide those injuries from the public.

Witnesses supporting Heard provided some testimonies. A former friend, Raquel Pennington, testified that she saw injuries that Heard had described, said that she feared for Heard’s safety in 2015, and had personally intervened in a fight between Depp and Heard at the penthouse they had lived in together.

Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, took the stand Wednesday as well to provide observations on their relationship and moments she noticed. She said she first noticed that Depp became more controlling of Heard when she saw that he, “has a problem with her taking any sort of job or any sort of audition.” She also testified about Depp’s drug use, saying “If he was using or if he was drinking, there was almost always a fight.”

She also claimed to be a witness to Depp attacking Heard after accusing her of being unfaithful to him. Henriquez even claimed that Depp struck her, saying, “He hits me in the back, I hear Amber yell, ‘Don’t hit my f––king sister!'”

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