Actress Amber Heard is not backing down in the defamation case she’s been involved in which ex-husband Johnny Depp say she ruined his reputation and caused him to lose out on jobs in Hollywood.

In 2018, Heard wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post concerning domestic violence and the backlash women often suffer. After being published, Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex.

In July, Heard attempted to get the case moved to California but was unsuccessful. However, she is continuing to fight the case and has added Time’s Up legalist Roberta Kaplan to her team to fight the matter in hopes of getting the case dismissed.

Depp accuses Heard of “[hiding] the objective facts that reveal her falsehoods behind an artificial wall of confidentiality” after the actress filed a protective order to prevent certain information related to the case to be made public.

In documents obtained by The Blast, Heard claims that “this is a case between two high-profile public figures,” information and evidence entered into the court record should be kept private as the information carried the potential to “inflict significant collateral damage on family members, friends, romantic partners, guards, assistants, coaches, doctors, nurses and many others.

Depp and his legal team however, disagree. Depp claims that this would be “grossly unfair” as Heard’s claims are “objectively disprovable lies.”

In the new motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Heard’s team claims that “Mr. Depp desperately hopes to put his whole marriage on trial, or to wage legal warfare over Ms. Heard’s decision to report his abuse in 2016.” In addition, they claim that this is an abuse of the legal system and that Depp is in fact bullying Heard.

Kaplan, who was added to the team this week put forth a statement saying “Mr. Depp will soon learn that our courts have strong mechanisms for dismissing baseless claims and determining the truth. Now that we are in this case, we fully intend to put an end to this meritless bullying of our client once and for all.”

In response to Heard’s latest legal moves, Depp’s attorneys put out a statement claiming, “Amber Heard’s motion to keep evidence secret in the defamation case against her, like her filing with a new legal team seeking again to stop the case and delay more witnesses from testifying, speak eloquently for themselves.”


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