Amazon‘s earned a reputation constructing venerable hardware, with a catalog spanning tablets, speakers and more. Now, Amazon can add another niche to their resume: security cameras. The Amazon Cloud Cam is an upcoming utility that will perpetually guard your premise.


Announced recently, Amazon’s Cloud Cam is already available for pre-ordering at its $119.99 price point. If you need more than one camera, you can purchase a two-camera set for $199.99, whereas three cameras will cost $289.99. You’ll need to respectively use the codes “2CLOUDCAM” or “3CLOUDCAM” at checkout, however. November 8 is the slated release date.

Upon initiating your Cloud Cam, it offers the same requites that its competitors have, from 1080p streaming and night vision to the ability to detect motion and send you alerts. A smartphone app also syncs with your camera, allowing it to alert you if something is amiss. You can also use the app to speak through the camera, making it easy to chat with anyone who’s home while you’re out.

Additionally, the Cloud Cam is compatible with Alexa, making it even easier to control your Alexa-powered devices. Amazon Key, Amazon’s innovative package delivery service, factors the Cloud Cam into its design. If you want Amazon to leave your packages inside your property, the Cloud Cam can oversee the transaction, ensuring your home’s safety. Amazon Key, however, also requires an approved lock and an Amazon Prime membership.

However, the Cloud Cam’s premium features require a subscription to use, although a 30-day trial is allotted to users. You’re by default only given access to the last 24 hours of film, but you can secure up to seven days, 14 days or 30 days by upgrading. Moreover, a subscription will unlock the more intricate features regarding intelligent alerts, along with other features like video sharing and person detection. There are three subscription packages: Basic, Extended and Pro, with the latter offering the most content. Amazon’s payment options include monthly and yearly options for each tier.

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