After two years together, Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long have broken up.


A few weeks ago the couple decided to end things, an insider told Us Weekly. “He’s really heartbroken,” the insider said. Another source revealed that the couple’s work schedules may have gotten in the way, and that they simply grew apart.

Seyfried has admitted that dating another actor can be difficult since they both have such hectic work schedules. “Making movies is two solid months of 12-, 14-hour days,” she told Vogue in June. “I mean, it can ruin your relationship.”

Seyfried and Long were friends for a long time before they first started dating in 2013 after Seyfried was amused by one of Long’s Instagram posts and then had a dream about him, which led her to give him a call. Two years later, Seyfried spoke about wanting to settle down and have kids, although she did not mention Long.

“Children, that’s where it’s at, right?” Seyfried joked in an interview with E! News. “I’m only 29, I’m almost 30! That, see, there’s such a small gap there, it’s crazy.” When asked what her plans for the future were, she said, “Kids. I’d like to have one by the next four, five years, and then the second one can happen between 35 and 40. Or I can adopt. It’s fine. I definitely want a couple kids.”

Seyfried’s film Pan premieres Oct. 9.

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