Amanda Knox, who has once again been found guilty in the death of her former study abroad roommate Meredith Kercher, maintained her innocence in a recent interview.

Amanda Knox Maintains Innocence

Knox, now 26, was adamant that she played no part in Kercher’s death in 2007 in a recent interview with CNN. According to the Seattle, Wash., native, she and Kercher had become fast friends after living together briefly in the Perugia, Italy home.

"I did not kill my friend. I did not wield a knife. I had no reason to," Knox said. "In the month that we that we were living together, we were becoming friends. A week before the murder occurred, we went out to a classical music concert together … We had never fought."

While a friendship isn’t necessarily evidence to support Knox’s case, the reality that there’s no tangible evidence that links her to the scene of Kercher’s murder is. Though investigators found foot and hand prints of Rudy Guede, who’s already been tried and found guilty of Kercher’s murder, they did not find any that belonged to Knox or any DNA of hers. They also never found Kercher’s DNA on Knox.

“If I were there, I would have traces of Meredith's broken body on me. And I would have left traces of myself around — around Meredith's corpse," she told CNN. "And I — I am not there. And that proves my innocence."

Knox and her former boyfriend Raphael Sollecito were both convicted of murder in 2009 for alleged involvement in Kercher’s death. Though the verdicts were overturned on appeal in 2011 after they’d served four years in prison, the appeals were overturned earlier this year. In the latest trial, both Knox and Sollecito were found guilty.

“He believes the prosecutor when the prosecutor describes me as a person who was capable of not only completely disturbing everyone around me, but then getting drugged up," Knox said of Judge Nencini, who oversaw her most recent conviction. "But I'm not that person. And the evidence doesn't show that."

Knox can appeal her conviction once more to Italy’s highest court. If it maintains her conviction, Italy can petition to have her sent over to serve out her sentence. Though Knox is hopeful the appeal will work, if it doesn’t, there’s a chance that the U.S. could choose not to extradite her.

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