After Amanda Bynes recently resurfaced on social media, she uploaded a video Thursday showing that she is working to get her face tattoo of a heart removed. The video was captioned, “tattoo removal process…”

The video itself was a selfie video where Bynes showed that the lines of the tattoo were clearly faded. She first got the tattoo in December 2019.

Since creating the account last week, Bynes has revealed short insights into her life. Another video shared yesterday showed her filming behind-the-scenes for a local TV commercial, and it’s not clear if she was acting or on the crew. She also appears to have a boyfriend named Paul that she has tagged multiple times on the new account. Paul coincidentally seems to be a tattoo artist from posts he and Bynes have released, but it’s unconfirmed if he was the artist behind the face tattoo.

Bynes has been in a conservatorship where her finances are by her mother Lynn Organ since 2013 and recently petitioned to have it ended. Bynes’ lawyer David A Esquibias said that she wants to end the conservatorship because “she believes her condition is improved and the protection of the court is no longer necessary.” A hearing to end the arrangement is scheduled for March 22.

According to Organ, she supports Bynes’ desire to end the conservatorship and also revealed that her daughter was attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and performing well there.

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