Alyssa Milano is suing her former business manager for $10 million, for mismanaging her money and leaving her in financial ruin.


Milano’s lawsuit accuses Kenneth Hellie and his firm Hellie, Hoffer, & Co. of forging her signature, failing to pay her bills and taxes on time, and suggesting bad investments. Milano blames Hellie of leaving her “with millions of dollars in debt and their credit in ruins.”

Milano cites a poorly-done remodeling job on her home, which she claims cost her $5 million when the home is worth only $3 million. In addition, the star claims that the accountants failed to notify her that her home was violating Ventura County building codes, resulting in $376,950 in fees. Late mortgage fees were held against her as well, and she claims Hellie failed to pay her income taxes in 2013 and 2014. Additionally, Milano states that Hellie used her money to fund his own investments.

Hellie, for his defense, is comparing the situation to that of Johnny Depp, who sued his former manager for $25 million on the same grounds. In that case, the defendant claimed that Depp spent far too much of his own accord, and could not afford his lavish lifestyle.

“We anticipated this defense,” Milano’s attorney says. “Nothing could be further from reality. Alyssa and David live a relatively modest lifestyle centered on their family. It is unfortunate that Mr. Hellie finds it appropriate to blame the clients who trusted him rather than take responsibility for his own negligence and misconduct.”

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