Almost Famous, the musical version of Cameron Crowe‘s iconic film of the same name, has hit Broadway with an energetic production behind it. High schooler Willam Miller (Casey Likes) gets a very-premature assignment from Rolling Stone to write about the mid-level band Stillwater on tour. His mentor warns the young journalist not to befriend the band, but of course, he does just that – and a lot more.

Loosely based on Crowe’s own experience, the musical explores that wistful moment of coming age. Williams’s mom (Anika Larsen) tries to hold him back while groupie Penny Lane (Solea Pfieffer) and the band’s lead singer Russell (Chris Wood) goad him on to self-discovery. Famous hits some high notes – notably the standout tune “Morroco” – and leaves fans of feel-good 70s rock satisfied.

All Famous is now playing at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. Get tickets here.

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