Allison Williams, the Girls star, is engaged to College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen.

Williams, 25, who stars as Marnie on HBO's hit Girls, has confirmed her engagement to entrepreneur Van Veen after three years of dating.

In true Williams style, she has yet to release a statement addressing the engagement. Williams has been very protective of her private life since she became a star when Girls premiered in 2012. In a recent interview with Larry King on Larry King Live, Williams was hesitant to even confirm she had a significant other. She did, however, reveal that her father, news anchor Brian Williams, likes her boyfriend “a lot.”

Williams also revealed her desire to be a mother “someday” during her chat with King, a sentiment she emphasized during a recent interview with Glamour.

“My goal is to create a career I can walk away from and become a mom. I’d love to be a mom – and not have to bring my kids into my trailer… Or a balance [of both]. But you gotta call it on the fly to a certain extent,” Williams told the magazine.

Van Veen, while slightly less in the public eye, is a celebrity in his own right, as founder of College Humor, Vimeo and, as well as a producer and Chief Executive Officer of Notional.

Van Veen and Williams reportedly met through mutual friends while Williams was filming the Girls pilot in New York City. Van Veen can also be spotted in an episode of Girls, cringing at Williams, as Marnie, singing Kanye West’s “Stronger.”

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