Allison Williams showed off the first official photo of herself in character for NBC’s Peter Pan Live on NBC’s Today, Wednesday, Sept. 3.

First Photo Of Allison Williams As Peter Pan

The first official photo shows Williams dressed in a well-fitting, but boyish, green costume. The modern twist on Disney’s Peter Pan has Williams wearing a forest green vest with a mesh top and jade-colored shorts. Williams’ Peter Pan outfit is completed with leather cuffs and belts to hold her weapons, as well as simple lace-up leather boots. In the photo, Williams sits atop a ship’s mast.

Photo credit: NBC

Debuting the photo on Today, Williams was quick to clear up any confusion regarding her hair for the production. Playing Peter requires Williams to trade in her long hair for a boyish pixie cut, but the actress says she will be wearing a wig for the role.

“I sort of very tentatively offered to cut my hair. I was like, ‘You know, if it’s a thing that would help I could cut my hair,’ and they were like, ‘You’re welcome to do that, we’re still gonna put you in a wig,” Williams recounted.

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Williams also posted the first shot of her as Peter Pan on Instagram, writing, “The transformation begins!”

NBC Peter Pan Live Casting

On July 30, it was announced that Williams, who currently stars as Marnie on Girls, would be attempting the gender-swapping role of Peter Pan in NBC’s live production, and the studio is still casting the production, which will co-star Christopher Walken as Captain Hook and Christian Boyle as Smee/Father Darling.

In a statement announcing her casting, Williams confirmed that she had wanted to play Peter Pan since she was a little kid, saying, “I have wanted to play Peter Pan since I was about 3 years old, so this is a dream come true.”

Allison Williams In College Musical

While Williams often sings as Marnie on Girls, she has been singing for years outside of the popular HBO show. Four years ago, she filmed a small musical, called College Musical, with YouTubers Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, which will stream Wednesday night at 8 p.m. PST on YouTube.

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