All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’s task of the week issued by Donald Trump challenged the two teams to create pieces of 3D artwork that would then be displayed and sold at a gallery showing. The winner would be simply decided by which team’s artwork raised the most money.

Since Team Power has lost two weeks in a row, they were two players short of Team Plan B. Trump elected for Trace Adkins to be the Plan B player to switch over to Power, a move that Adkins was anything but thrilled to take on. “I don’t like you very much right now,” he told Trump. After the teams were realigned, Lil Jon agreed to be team manager for Power, while Lisa Rinna opted to take on the role for Plan B.

Plan B, as per usual, was faced with Stephen Baldwin’s unyieldingly high opinion of his own ideas. When Penn Jillette voiced a belief that fundraising should take precedence over the actual pieces of art, Baldwin dismissed the suggestion. Instead, he decided to put it upon himself to recruit prestigious art dealers to help out the team. Despite Baldwin’s insistence, Jillette got team project manager Rinna on their side.

Lil Jon, leading Power, had everything running smoothly; he even had the often-uninspired Dennis Rodman hard at work on a piece of art. Rodman also managed to have Derek Jeter donate a signed bat for the gallery showing.

Piers Morgan, who served as the task advisor for this week’s Celebrity Apprentice, took the opportunity to plant seeds of distrust in the minds of Omarosa’s teammates as he paid Team Power a visit. “Omarosa is slippier than an eel,” he warned.

When it came time for the gallery showings, it appeared as though both teams had amassed an impressive turnout. The dollars coming into the competing squads included, $25,000 for Gary Busey’s “Mr. Hang Brain” clay skull, $5,000 for the signed Jeter bat, $80,000 from Rinna’s hairstylist pal Chaz Dean, $50,000 from Teller of Penn (Jilette) and Teller, and $15,000 from the Blue Man Group to Plan B.

Since Lil Jon’s team only raised $180,000 to Rinna’s teams’ $225,000, it was Team Power that had to send people back into the boardroom. Lil Jon brought Rodman and Omarosa, who raised the least amount of money, to face Trump at his side. As Lil Jon showed himself to be an efficient leader despite the loss, while also raising the most out of his teammates, it was between Rodman and Omarosa. Trump lavished praise on Rodman, who has turned his life around since the last time he was on the Apprentice. And after admitting to Omarosa that her villainy played a large part in making him famous, Trump finally fired her.

Celebrity Apprentice will return on ABC next Sunday at 10/9c.

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