Music streaming service Pandora revealed its plans earlier this year to grant its users the luxury of personalized playlists, a direct retaliation to the competing Spotify service. In March, Pandora began gifting select users some personalized playlists, and company chief product officer Chris Phillips has confirmed through a blog post that they have finished rolling out this new feature.


If you’re subscribed to Pandora Premium, then you can enjoy this new feature from today onward. Joining up requires a monthly fee of $9.99, though it gives a wealth of features unavailable in the free version of Pandora, including on-demand listening, removal of advertisements and unlimited skipping.

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Personalized playlists are the latest feature added to Premium’s resume, and the company hopes it will inspire more people to sign up. A free trial is also available, giving music aficionados a sample of Premium. Users can also share their personalized musical lists with their friends. Pandora creates personal playlists for its users through its software and learning modules, which notice users’ preferred musical genres, and they are updated and maintained by people.

In the early access days of this feature, users could obtain up to 60 playlists, gaining up to four of them each week. This procedure will continue until each user has been adequately tended to, giving them as many playlists as their taste in music demands. Additionally, new features will be added to improve Pandora’s personalized playlists, such as new soundtrack themes.

But for now, if you want to admire your own personalized playlists, boot up the Pandora app, click “Browse” and then click “Featured Playlists.”

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