Alexander Skarsgard had lunch with two women on Monday, just days after being photographed with conspicuous bruises on his face and neck.

Skarsgard was more successful at covering up the blue and purple bruises as he dined with his female pals in Los Feliz, Calif. Wearing a white t-shirt, fitted jeans, sunglasses and a black baseball cap he looked much better than he had when he was last spotted. On Friday, Skarsgard was not looking himself, appearing both beaten and exhausted. The Swedish actor is reportedly currently filming True Blood’s sixth season, which might explain his battered appearance.

Since launching into stardom with HBO’s True Blood, Skarsgard has been racking up credits in Hollywood, including roles in Melancholia and Straw Dogs. More films starring Skarsgard will be coming out in 2013. He’ll appear next to Jason Bateman and Paula Patton in Disconnect and will be in What Maisie Knew opposite Julianne Moore. It’s also rumored that he could play Tarzan to Jessica Chastain’s Jane in a reboot by David Yates.

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