Inflammatory internet personality Alex Jones has claimed that 2012’s tragic Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, a notion that his many followers believe. On Wednesday, Jones headed to court over his perpetuation of the conspiracy theory.


Noah Pozner was killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School five years ago, something that still haunts his parents, Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa. However, the couple is unable to visit their six-year-old son’s grave because they now live hundreds of miles away from it, having needed to relocate no less than seven times.

Jones’ Infowars media platform has promoted the tragedy — in which 20 kids and six adults were killed — as a hoax, claiming no one actually died that day. Jones “explains” how the ordeal was a government-run conspiracy helmed by gun-control activists. Jones’ followers have forced the Pozners to relocate, frequently threatening the family and doxing them when their new whereabouts are discovered.


On Wednesday, Jones will face the Pozner family in a Texas courthouse, the family is suing Jones for defamation of character. Mark Bankston is representing the parents in this case, neither of whom will physically appear out of concern for their safety. Jones is hoping to get the case dismissed under the Texas Citizens Participation Act, which would shield his right to free speech against plaintiffs that seek to hush him through litigation. Jones is also seeking more than $100,000 worth of court costs from the parents.

Jones’ strategy for the trial will be to pass off his programs as his opinions, something the First Amendment protects. Jones’ lawyer, Mark Enoch, will also try to argue that the Pozners are now public figures following their activism after the shooting. If he’s successful in doing so, they will need to prove that Jones either knew the shooting was authentic yet lied about it anyway or that there was genuine malice behind Jones’ reporting.

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Despite the legal proceedings, Jones has remained active, just last week accusing special council investigator Robert Mueller of being involved in a child sex ring. Jones has finally been reprimanded for his conduct, with YouTube deleting four of his videos while Facebook restricted access to his Facebook for 30 days for “bullying” and “hate speech.” Moreover, Jones will return to court on Thursday for another defamation lawsuit from Marcel Fontaine, whom Jones incorrectly identified as the shooter in February’s Parkland shooting.

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