Alex Hepburn, the British singer, gave a surprise performance at the LIFE Summit in the lead up to the Cannes Film Festival at the Hotel Du Cap-Farret in Abites, France.

Hepburn toured with Bruno Mars on his 2011 European tour, and released her debut EP in 2012. Last month, she released her debut full-length album, Together Alone. One of the songs on the album, “Under,” is based on the artist’s real life breakup. “When he left me I felt like my world was crumbling,” Hepburn told Uinterview exclusively about her former boyfriend. “And I literally felt like he was burying me in the song, and the song is called ‘Under’ and it’s about how I actually felt at the time.”

Hepburn, who gained recognition while touring with American crooner Mars, also spoke to Uinterview about wanting to come stateside for a concert. "Unfortunately I can't clone myself and be in every country," she said. “Hopefully, eventually the states, it’s one of my favorite places anyway so I can’t wait.”

“Under” peaked at #2 on the French music charts.

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