Producer Dana Brunetti is calling out Alec Baldwin for filming a sex scene with at-the-time underage actress Nikki Reed.


In 2006, Baldwin appeared in the film Mini’s First Time with Reed, then 16. Brunetti was the producer on the film. Baldwin, in his recent memoir, Nevertheless, describes finding out that Reed was underage after the scene was filmed and “flipped out on the producers.” Brunetti took to Twitter to call the actor out, claiming he is lying.

“My first indie film was Mini’s starring @AlecBaldwin who knew @NikkiReed_I_Am was 16 (not 17) and he didn’t mind,” he tweeted. “In fact @NikkiReed_I_Am was 1 of 4 actresses @AlecBaldwin had approved and her being the only 1 of those 4 repped by HIS agency CAA… The only time [he] ever yelled at me was on the phone and it was about one of the producers who worked with the financier.”

“I was told she was 16 by her hairdresser. At the end of the shoot. You’re already buried,” Baldwin tweeted. The director of the film, Nick Guthe, got involved and claimed that “we all knew [Reed] was 16.” Baldwin hit back with, “And Hollywood producers like Brunetti never do anything shady or unethical?”

The feud went back and forth, with each party promising to “bury” the other, and wanting to provide documents from the Screen Actors Guild about her age and any documentation proving she had agreed. “You’re a fool. She just came off a movie called 13!! Do I need to bring in the other crew to vouch that you knew??”

“Only a Hollywood idiot like u would suggest that a film title is a birth certificate,” answered Baldwin.

“If Alec wanted to lie, fine, but to then to throw us under the bus while doing so? Not on my watch,” said Brunetti.

The pair kept at it for a series of tweets, finally ending in a stalemate. “So it is either you lied or are a daft idiot who claims you didn’t know the age of your costar you spent weeks on set with. Which is it?” asked Brunetti. To which Baldwin replies, in an ironically Donald Trump fashion, “Dana, you’re very funny. Untalented, but funny. I’ll see you at the 50 Shades of Gray restaurant opening.”

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