After almost three years of playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin has announced that he most likely will not be playing the role of Trump any longer.


On SNL, parodies of Trump have been portrayed by many different actors, including Jason Sudeikis, Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam. As Trump, Baldwin has managed to find various ways to mock the president, which Trump himself finds extremely unfunny.

In April, Baldwin used Twitter to say that beating Trump for President would be “so easy for him”. Even though Trump didn’t tweet any particular response back to Baldwin in this situation, his rage at Baldwin and the show itself is made clear through his past tweets.

In an interview with USA Today on June 6, Baldwin shared that he just couldn’t imagine himself returning for another year as Trump. Despite how much he loves working with the cast, Baldwin explained that he plans to travel more for work in the fall and wants to spend more time with his family. The weekend show takes up a big chunk of time with his family. Baldwin said he wants the show to find someone who can do the role better than he can.

Baldwin also shared that he was never fully invested in his Trump impersonation and felt that Hammond did much better than he ever could. He noted that he is hoping that showrunner Lorne Michaels would be his replacement.

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