Alec Baldwin has deleted his Twitter account days after his emotional interview with ABC aired, where he spoke about the Rust tragedy on set that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin’s now-deleted account, @AlecBaldwin, posted statements regarding the October 21 incident. The account for his foundation, @AbFalecbaldwin was also deleted as of Monday morning. His wife Hilaria Baldwin had her Twitter account deleted before the tragedy. Their Instagram accounts remain active.

During a scene for the production of Rust, Baldwin was holding what he believed to be a “cold gun,” with no live ammo was inside, when it discharged killing Hutchins by striking her in the stomach and injuring director Joel Souza. Hutchins was 42 years old.

On November 17, the actor and other Rust producers were named in a lawsuit filed by script adviser Manie Mitchell, who was allegedly standing in the line of fire when the gun went off. Members of the film crew have claimed the set of the Western movie was not following safety protocols. An investigation is still ongoing.

In an interview on Thursday, Baldwin claimed that he never pulled the trigger – he just cocked the gun and “let go of the hammer” when it fired.

He also talked about “constantly” having dreams about the day of the shooting, especially with images of guns that “keep me awake at night.”

“I’ve been struggling physically. I’m exhausted from this because I gotta try to be there for my kids. My family is all I have. Honest to God, I couldn’t give a s- – – about my career anymore,” said Baldwin.

Interviewer George Stephanopoulos asked the actor if he felt guilt over what happened, to which Baldwin replied, “No.”

“Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who it is, but I know it’s not me. I mean, honest to God, if I felt that I was responsible, I might have killed myself if I thought I was responsible. I don’t say that lightly.”

His wife Hilaria showed support over her husbands’ bravery to speak about the incident on Instagram after the episode aired.

“Our public life is one that brings great joy in connecting with amazing people and tremendous trauma when it gets dark,” she wrote. “The opinions + monetization of us get loud and overwhelming. I was afraid for you to open up because I’ve seen your spirit crushed, your mental health shattered, your soul in unimaginable pain. Sometimes I wonder how much one body, one mine can take. I don’t want to lose you.”

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