Alanis Morissette has filed a lawsuit against her former business manager Jonathan Schwartz, claiming that he committed fraud while working for her.

Alanis Morissette Suing Ex-Manager

Morissette filed the lawsuit against Schwartz in Los Angeles County Superior Court this week, claiming that he had transferred money into his personal accounts without her permission, reported the BBC. Morissette is suing Schwartz for fraud, breach of duty and negligence.

“Morissette was completely unaware of these cash transfers and had not authorized them,” the filing states.

Schwartz had been in charge of handling Morissette’s finances – collecting income, paying bills and managing her investment accounts –  since 2009. Morissette fired Schwartz in March and hired Howard Grossman as his replacement. Grossman apparently uncovered that Schwartz made over 100 withdrawals that totaled more than $4.7 million.

Schwartz has claimed that he made the transfers to fund an “investment” in a marijuana-growing business on Morissette’s directive. Morissette has denied Schwartz’s claim

“When she asked him if she was over budget, he would insist that things were ‘fine’, that she had ‘nothing to worry about’, and that she and her future grandkids were ‘set for life’,” states the complaint, which also claims Schwartz told Morissette to turn down performance offers and transferred large sums of money out of investment accounts that Morissette did not want touched.

“When I fired Jonathan Schwartz and GSO two months ago, I had no idea the extent of the misconduct,” Morissette said in a statement.

Morissette is suing Schwartz and his company GSO for $15 million in damages.

Morissette is currently serving as an advice columnist forThe Guardian Weekend magazine. She started doling out advice for the publication Jan. 16, taking over for Breakfast Club actress Molly Ringwald. In Morissette’s column, she has taken on the role of therapist for her readers.

“I’m definitely a therapy girl. I think that’s quite obvious. I don’t want to say everyone should [have therapy], but do I think everyone might benefit from it? Yes,” Morissette told The Guardian. “But I’m aware that a lot of people have great resistance to it.”

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