Last Friday, singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette posted a video on all her social media accounts, making a big announcement.

It starts a tribute to her husband, Mario “Souleye” Treadway, for their anniversary. She sings the story of how they met and fell in love. “Happy Anniversary, baby,” croons the chorus. But the video doesn’t stop at the marriage, going on to talk about their life together and the birth of their son, Ever Imre, who is now 5-years-old. But finally it culminates in the shots of the family looking at an ultrasound, thus formally announcing Morissette’s pregnancy.

The video is titled “Souleye+Ever+me+love=sweetness” and captioned “The story of my nuclear family in moving pictures, brings us up to this sweet moment.”

Her website explains that the song was written, recorded, and produced in six hours on May 22, 2010 to surprise Souleye with the help of Guy Sigsworth. This video was produced with the help of Brendan Huza. “May this song take on ever-deepening meaning as each year goes by,” wrote Morissette.

Souleye retweeted the video as well:

On the topic of their marriage, which has lasted six years thus far, Morrissette told US Weekly in October, “We’re helping each other out. I think relationships go from infatuation to power struggle, and then most people break up. I think it’s getting juicy as we’re going on the third phase of helping each other heal and grow. Flirting is nice. Dates, gifts, compliments. Anytime he says anything about me emotionally, like, ‘Wow. You’re really nurturing or really patient.’ That’s, like, full-blown sexy time for me.”