Alan Rickman had some fun with helium balloons and impersonations Thursday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Alan Rickman Takes Jimmy to Task For His Impersonation

In 2013 Jimmy Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch learned that they both could do a neat Rickman impersonation and decided to do a Rickman-off. The two men hilariously battled it out by saying lyrics from popular hip hop songs in Rickman’s famous accent.

Thursday night Rickman decided to confront Fallon about his impersonation of him. Rickman pulled out a red and blue balloon and told Fallon, “Last time I was here you asked me if I was aware that people impersonated me, then the next night you and Cumberbatch have a Rickman-off.” Rickman then handed the blue balloon to Fallon and asked the host what he had to say about that little competition.


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Laughs took over the audience as Fallon untied the balloon, sucked in the helium and said in a helium induced voice, “I’m very sorry you were offended and welcome to the show.” Rickman responded with his own helium inhalation saying, “Apology accepted.” 

Rickman and Fallon continued the interview, sucking in more helium each time a question was asked. Fallon asked Rickman about the movie he played in, which included a boy with a scar on his face. Rickman struggled to suck up more helium causing Fallon to laugh at him, but when he finally got it Rickman’s high pitched voice said, “This is going to be very difficult but it’s Harry Potter.” 

The familiar tone of Rickman saying the name Harry Potter had the audience cheering once again and Fallon had the chance to tell Rickman that he and Cumberbatch did the impersonation because they both are fans of his. Rickman’s answer to that was “Ha!” 

Check out the Rickman interview for yourself:


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