Alan Colmes, the liberal voice on Fox News who often sparred with Sean Hannity, has died after a “brief illness.” He was 66.


Hannity narrated a tribute on the news channel along with a statement from his family. “Despite major political differences, we forged a deep friendship,” the newsman said. “Alan, in the midst of great sickness and illness, showed the single greatest amount of courage I’ve ever seen. And through it all, he showed his incredible wit and humor that was Alan’s signature throughout his entire life. I’m truly heartbroken at the loss of a dear friend.”

Colmes’ wife Jocelyn Elise Crowley, sister of fellow Fox contributor Monica Crowley, praised her late husband in a statement: “He was a great guy, brilliant, hysterical, and moral. He was fiercely loyal, and the only thing he loved more than his work was his life with Jocelyn.”

Colmes got his start in stand-up comedy, which allowed him to have a sense of humor when discussing politics. Though known for being ultra-liberal, the personality actually thought of himself as more of a moderate. “I precede other conservatives, so I may be the only person giving a different point of view,” he once told USA Today.

“Heartbroken my friend Alan Colmes has died,” wrote former Fox host Megyn Kelly on Twitter. “He lit up the FNC halls w/his kindness & humor. Incredibly positive force. Prayers 4 his family.”

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee shared his condolences over two tweets. “Just heard of death of Alan Colmes; the kind of, liberal I loved-smart, witty, and fair; never backed up, but always backed up his views. RIP,” read the first. “Re:Alan Colmes death-he was actually more fun to be around than some crotchety conservatives w/o sense of humor; respected him; miss him,” said the next.

Colmes, a New York City native, worked for years in radio (at both WABC and WNBC) before joining Fox in 1996. He and Hannity began a 12-year run as co-hosts of Hannity & Colmes. He also penned several books, including Thank the Liberals** For Saving America and Red, White & Liberal: How Left Is Right And Right Is Wrong.

While the minority voice on the conservative channel, he was often criticized for being “too nice” in the face of Hannity. He was well liked by his conservative colleagues. “He and I agreed on little, but I liked him immensely,” said senior Fox analyst Brit Hume in a tweet.

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