The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater have their own response to the backlash against women-only screenings of Wonder Woman.

The theater responded to the critics by adding even more women-only screenings to their schedule.

Morgan Hendrix, creative manager for the theater, told ABC News, “Providing an experience where women truly reign supreme has incurred the wrath of trolls [and] only serves to deepen our belief that we’re doing something right.”

“As a result, we will be expanding this program across the country and inviting women everywhere to join us as we celebrate this iconic superheroine in our theaters,” which include cities like New York and Denver.

Proceeds from certain screenings are going toward Planned Parenthood. The theater also promised female projectionists, chefs, and other theater staff for the screenings.

Okay ladies, now let's get in formation.Update: We've added a 2nd screening. Tickets are live now.

Alamo Drafthouse Austin 发布于 2017年5月24日

The theater received criticism on social media from men asking if there was ever a “male-only screening.” The response was that this is not about excluding men, but about celebrating women.

“This is a celebration of a character that’s meant a great deal to many women since 1940,” the theater’s official Facebook account posted.


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