Aiden Steward, 9, was reportedly suspended from school after bringing his Lord of the Rings “one ring” to school.

Aiden Steward Suspended FoR LOTR Ring

Kermit Elementary School, where Aiden is currently a forth grader, reportedly suspended Aiden, a budding magician, after he brought out his magic rings and told a friend putting it on would make him disappear. According to Aiden’s father, Jason Steward, Aiden had recently watched The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, and was simply imagining that his magic ring was the ring from the film – “the one ring to rule them all.”

Aiden allegedly pulled out his ring and told his friend that, if he wanted to, he could put it on his head and make him disappear. The school reported this interaction as a threat and suspended Aiden, stunning his father. “It sounded unbelievable,” Steward told New York Daily News.

“I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend’s existence. If he did, I’m sure he’d bring him right back,” Steward wrote in an email to the school.

Kermit Elementary School Principal Roxanne Greer refused to comment on the matter, saying, “All student stuff is confidential.”

Kermit ISD released a statement defending its decision, saying, “[Kermit ISD] do not base disciplinary placement decisions on literary or cinematic references.”

This is Aiden’s third suspension since transferring to the school in the fall. He was previously suspended for bringing The Big Book of Knowledge to school to share with his class and teacher because the book contained images of a pregnant woman. “He loves that book. They were studying the solar system and he took it to school. He thought his teacher would be impressed,” explained Steward.

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