The Agent Carter season 2 finale started off with a literal bang as a bomb from last week’s episode is set off. Peggy Carter points a gun at Jack Thompson, who’s holding the detonator for the bomb. Before he has time to push the button, they feel a blow that knocks both of them down.

‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Finale Recap

Luckily, Howard Stark and Edwin Jarvis show up and the group is able to escape, leaving Whitney Frost sending death stares in their direction. Whitney plans to create a new rift, while Joseph Manfredi urges her to take care of her well being but she pushes him away in order to finish.

Peggy and the others have lunch but are interrupted by Joesph urging them they need to take note of Whitney’s condition because he is worried for her. He explains that the Zero Matter is taking over Whitney and she is planning to build a new rift. Peggy devises a plan to get rid of the Zero Matter once and for all.

Joseph is able to get Whitney away from the Matter by distracting her with an out of office job. Using her absence to his advantage, Peggy and Daniel look at her plans to open the rift.


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Back at SSR, Howard, Dr. Samberly and Jason Wilkes disagree about the machine that is devised to open the rift. Howard urges that there are problems with the machine but Peggy insists they will be able to handle it. Once the rift is open, Whitney senses it, jumps up from her work, and confronts the team at SSR.

Once Whitney arrives, the machine is able to pull the Zero Matter out of Whitney and she is arrested while Thompson pulls her away. In order to close the rift, Daniel Sousa decides to take on the suicide mission and is successful with help from the others, is saved.

The classic Hollywood kiss between Peggy and Sousa ensues and the scene changes to an unidentified person shooting Thompson, taking a file from his bag, and leaving him to bleed out on the hotel floor.

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