Christian comedian John Crist admitted to “destructive and sinful” behavior with women and then disappeared from the public eye last year. He has now returned to the Internet and posted his first video in eight months.

Crist acknowledges his “decisions that hurt myself, (and) hurt other people,” in his video, and expressed his desire to return to public life.

“I think at the beginning of this process, I wanted to hop on the internet and justify, and rationalize and minimize and kind of explain and defend myself,” Crist said. “And coming all the way through the healing and recovery process, I can look at you eight months later and tell you those choices were on me. Those decisions were mine, and no one else is to be blamed … I point the fingers at no one but myself.”

Last year, in an article posted on the website for the Christian magazine Charisma, anonymous women accused Crist of sending them sexually explicit messages and of trying to kiss them.

In his video, Crist reveals that he spent four months in a treatment facility and thanked the Christian community for the “undeserved” support he received during this time.

“I had assumed that I had lived in a community of people that would be the first to look down on me, and judge me and point fingers at me, and I felt nothing but the opposite through this whole process.”

“All of my comedy videos were pointing out hypocrisy in a lot of ways,” Crist continued to say in his video. “The biggest hypocrite in all of this was me. I was portraying a person on the internet that I was not behaving like privately.”

Crist was born in Georgia but is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. He rose to fame in 2016 for his comical videos skewing parts of modern Christian life.

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