The Aftermaster Pro promises to be an audiophiles dream – to make sound clearer and crisper on all your expensive devices. The creators Larry Ryckman, engineer Shelly Yakas and music wunderkind Justin Timberlake collaborated to develop a sleek device that “rebalances” and “remixes” sound in real-time as you’re listening to it. For your TV, the Aftermaster, which debuted at CES 2017, splits the audio and video signal and “remasters” it and sends it on to the TV. The HDMI cable plugs into most audio-visual sources like a cable box or satellite TV. The system has an internal rechargeable battery that allows for on-the-go use with laptop or headphones. When uShop – Tech tested the device, the sound and image didn’t fall out of sync, which was a major worry. All you do is plug in your HDMI cables in and let the pleasing tunes flow.

The Aftermaster Pro available for pre-order now.

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