Georgina Chapman, the British designer who was married to Harvey Weinstein, has found happiness again with Adrien Brody.

After several years of investigation and court appearances, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison this February.

Following Weinstein’s sexual abuse allegations that sparked the famous #metoo movement, Chapman told Vogue that she was “so humiliated and so broken,” and felt that she shouldn’t go outside because she “didn’t think it was respectful.”

“I have moments of rage; I have moments of confusion; I have moments of disbelief,” she said.

Chapman also refused to talk to anyone except her very close peers for the time being. She even felt that the idea of meeting with a therapist was not allowed to her.

“I somehow felt that I didn’t deserve it,” Chapman said. 

It was her dear friends who encouraged her to go out that ultimately helped her find love again. 

Champman and Brody have known each since 2006 when the Weinstein’s company co-produced Brody’s film, Hollywoodland.

The two reconnected when Champman decided to go out and socialize with the Hollywood community again. 

Chapman once told Vogue that Brody is “incredibly charming and so charismatic.”

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