The mother of Ethan Couch, the Texas teen who’s lawyers infamously used the “affluenza” defense after Couch killed four people while drunk driving in 2014, has allegedly violated her bond by drinking alcohol last week.

On Tuesday, prosecutors filed a motion alleging that Tonya Couch drank alcohol, which is a violation of her bond, according to FOX News. Prosecutors also requested that Couch be put in custody until October 2, the date of her trial.

Couch’s bond stems from a 2015 incident in which she was charged with hindering apprehension of a felon and money laundering. After a video of her son surfaced, in which he was drinking alcohol at a party while on probation and still under age, Couch fled with her son to Mexico. Both mother and son were arrested in Puerto Vallarta a short time later and sent back to the US for their punishment.

Out on bond, Couch is awaiting her trail.

The most recent incident, in which Couch violated her bond, allegedly happened last week, according to the prosecutors.

Couch works at Honky Tonk Woman, a bar in Fort Worth, Texas, where she tends bar. Although she is allowed to be in possession of alcohol, she is not allowed to consume it.

Ethan Couch and his family came to prominence when his lawyers argued that because of his wealthy upbringing, he could not properly delineate between right and wrong. It also hindered his ability to understand the consequences of his actions, according to his lawyers and the psychologist hired by the defense.

Couch is currently serving out a two-year prison sentence, which he received for his escape to Mexico. When he is released from prison, he will most likely have to serve out the terms of his ten-year probation, which was his given for the initial drunk-driving incident in which he killed four people and injured 11.

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