The popular show Rick and Morty pulled their annual April Fools Day prank on Wednesday with the introduction of Rick and Morty Babies. Adult Swim, the network Rick and Morty airs on, turned the titular duo into infant versions of themselves for the special episode.

They hired child voice actors to dub over an existing episode of the show, the season two episode “Total Rickall,” which originally aired in 2015. They also created a brand new intro sequence for the show where the main characters appear as babies.

This episode was part of Adult Swim’s April Fools Day lineup for the evening, which included turning Gemusetto Machu Picchu into Gemusetto Machu Preschool and Aqua Teen Hunger Force into Aqua Child Hunger Force.

Collectively, the network rebranded as Adult Swim Junior for the evening. They even did Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. inspired interludes. The network has a long history of observing April Fools Day by pulling tricks and treats on its viewers.

Adult Swim wasn’t the only network that mentioned April Fools Day. Disney+ posted photos of various Disney villains saying “fools!” and Netflix tweeted that they would not be pranking everyone this year.

The British media company Tab pranked followers by claiming that season two of Bridgerton would be premiering next week.

Rick and Morty will return for it’s fifth season on June 20.

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