Adrien Brody, the Oscar-winning actor, sat down with Uinterview to discuss his role as a judge for the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series and his upcoming turn as Harry Houdini in a History Channel original miniseries.

Raised in Queens as an only child, Brody developed an “extremely vivid imagination” at a young age – a fact that seems to have attracted the actor to help judge the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series. “They’re encouraging people to be creative and inventive and to use their imaginations,” he told Uinterview in an exclusive interview. “Imagination is such an essential part of the film, process of making a movie, and clearly for the actor. It’s probably what led me to being an actor in the first place. “

Soon Brody will get to test his imagination playing the great magician Houdini. “You might know that I was a magician before I was an actor,” Brody told Uinterview. “That too has a lot to do with imagination incidentally. For instance, you’re given a trick or you enter a magic show and it’s very basic or it may not be basic, but basically there’s the illusion that you’re to work with and it is up to the magician to come up with the pattern and the routine and they may give you the basic guidelines like a small script and then it’s up to you to run with that so it’s a very similar process.”

After winning the best actor award for his role in The Pianist at the 2002 Academy Awards, Brody went on to star in the 2005 remake of King Kong, The Brothers Bloom and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris as Salvadore Dali.

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