Adrien Brody, Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie and Jason Binn celebrated the annual Art Basel show in Miami Beach, Fla., Tuesday at the DuJour magazine kick-off party held at the Delano Beach Club.

Art Basel Kick-Off Party

Binn, the CEO of DuJour, partied it up with Brody and musicians Kravitz and Richie. While Richie is attending Art Basel Miami Beach to take in the artwork, both Brody and Kravitz are providing it for this year’s show.

Oscar winner Brody is showcasing a collection of paintings titled “Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Handguns” that focuses on violence and the need for instant gratification in society. Brody calls his collection “a meditation on the fact that violent imagery is as commonplace as fast-food in our society.”

Painting hotdogs in the bathtub ? Photo by @domingozapataofficial #artbasel

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Brody added about his art, “I’m elated, I feel renewed and my spirited is reinvigorated, and I get to express so much that I feel is relevant … and also perhaps have a voice in creating a discussion.”

As for Kravitz, his chosen medium is photography. His photo show, “Flash,” will be on exhibit during the week of Art Basel Miami. When Kravitz picked up the camera, he didn’t plan on shooting photos of fans or paparazzi, but decided to embrace the subject matter almost out of necessity.

“Every time I’d go out, I would be confronted with fans. Which is wonderful. But not when I was trying to shoot. All these fans would show up. And then the paparazzi would find out where I was and show up and they’d start chasing me around town,” Kravitz explained to Vanity Fair.

“I just stood there one day, and I turned the camera on them. And I started shooting them,” Kravitz added. “I think I was doing it more to annoy them. But it became an exercise. And as this kept happening, I figured, well, this is what I’m being offered, so I might as well shoot it.”


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