Adriana’s Insurance, a Southern California insurance company, has settled a lawsuit, paying Andres Carrasco, 76, $21,000 in loose coins.

Adriana's Insurance Settles Lawsuit $21,000 In Coins

Carrasco filed a lawsuit against Adriana’s Insurance in 2012 claiming he was physically assaulted by an employee. After reaching a settlement in June, a team of lawyers from Adriana’s Insurance reportedly dropped off 16 buckets full of coins to Carrasco’s lawyer, Antonio Gallo. The buckets were full of quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies, and Gallo estimates it will take him and his team a week to count.

In an interview with CBS local news, Carrasco, who is reportedly recovering from a hernia operation, appears at a complete loss, saying simply, “It’s too heavy.”

“Adriana’s Insurance, is this the way you treat everyone? Why don’t you like your clients? I am disappointed by the way Adriana’s treats their customers and the elderly. We might be poor, but we are people too,” Carrasco said in a statement.

Adriana’s Insurance has yet to comment on the widely reported settlement, but the company has a reputation of providing poor customer service. The business’ most recent Yelp reviews are negative, to say the least.

“I looked to them for cheap insurance (yea, I know my bad). Things were good until I was driving and a rock hit my windshield. I called in with a claim, heard nothing back, made a visit to them with my documentation…still not contacted back. Shady people working here,” wrote ‘wes t.’

Since Carrasco’s story became public, Yelp users have been flooding Adriana’s Insurance page with negative reviews.

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