Sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of you.

In a crazy coincidence adopted woman, Hillary Harris, found out her long-lost sister lived right next door to her. In 2012, Harris found out that she had a half-sister of the name Dawn Johnson somewhere in the world. Five years later, Harris found out Johnson had been her next door neighbor for two months.”It was overwhelming to say the least,” Harris said in a statement. “It was a lot to take in.”

Harris lived a pretty average live, residing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, since 2005. She was adopted by Lee and Rochelle Hardy when she was an infant. In 2012, she was able to get some information about her adoption from Catholic charities, that’s when she learned that her real parents were Bonnie Carl and Wayne Clouse.

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Through this information, she found out she had a half sister through Clouse and was determinded to find her. Harris took advantage of the internet and went though thousands of “Dawn Johnsons” on Facebook, trying to find any that looked remotely similar to herself.

She had very little luck until summer of 2017, when her husband Lance Harris found out that their new neighbor was named Dawn and was from Greenwood, Wisconsin, the same town as her biological father.

They thought it would be impossible that it was her sister and even joked at the thought. “He was, like, ‘No.’ And I was, like, ‘No.’ And we both said that would be funny if she was my sister. Ha ha,” she said in an interview.

Harris then got Johnson’s phone number and despite only knowing her a new neighbor, began to ask about her birth father. Johnson began to catch on and had her own suspicions that the two could be related. “The questions are what led me to blurt out, ‘You and me have the same dad don’t we?'” Johnson said on Good Morning America. 

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Johnson then revealed that she was raised by her stepfather and did not meet Clouse until she was 18. She was also unaware that he had other children.

Ever since their amazing realization, the sisters have been inseparable ever since. Harris also met her other half-sister, Renee, who is Johnson’s biological sister. “We have no future plans, other than to be sisters forever,” Harris says.


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