It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means football, food, and family arguments. Jokes have been made for years about how awkward gathering together families with separate opinions can be. With this Thanksgiving promising such disparate topics as police violence, refugees, and the Presidential election, Saturday Night Live provided a unique way to deal with the tension – Adele‘s “Hello”!

The sketch started off with the family patriarch giving thanks for the family being at Thanksgiving dinner, and went around the table. As soon as someone says they’re thankful for “their governor not letting those refugees in,” the family starts arguing. Once the conversation turns to police brutality, the little girl has had enough and turns on Adele’s “Hello.” Everyone at the table starts singing the smash hit, apparently mollified. It starts back up once the grandparents come in and start talking about seeing two “transgender” at the airport, but the little girl and Adele saves the day again.

At this point, the scene starts to switch into the signature muted tones of the “Hello” music video, and the family starts morphing into Adele. One last attempt at discord by the aunt saying she wants to vote for Ben Carson later, and the morphs are complete.


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The sketch takes a little too long to get to its punchline. But once it gets there, we’re treated to Matthew McConaughey and Jay Pharoah in drag, dressed as Adele. It’s an interesting twist on a topic not often broached by families, and provides an answer to the age-old question – how to stop family arguments at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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