Adele appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night, where she performed one of her new songs and played a game with Jimmy Fallon.

Adele On ‘The Tonight Show’

Before Adele hit the stage to sing, Fallon remarked on how long it took to release her third album, 25, and the anticipation that built up among her fans. He went on to ask the singer if she felt that way about others singers out there.

“I am very excited about Rihanna’s new record,” Adele, who is also a big Frank Ocean fan, admitted. “I am on the edge — in a good way. I’m the biggest Riri fan. I love her. So I’m very excited for that record.”

Adele also talked to Saturday Night Live alum Fallon about what it was like to sing on the comedy sketch show. Though she knew it was a “live” show, she didn’t know just how live until she was caught making a goofy face after finishing her musical performance.

Fallon even got to play one of his favorite games with Adele – Box of Lies. After the first round, the two were tied, as both Adele and Fallon were caught lying with their T-Rex toy dressed like a cowboy and plastic nose-covered Simon Says game, respectively. In the end, Fallon won when he knew Adele was telling the truth about the giraffe with three doughnuts around its neck.

After her sit-down with Fallon and Box of Lies loss, Adele performed, “Water Under the Bridge.”

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