Adele has kicked off her first world tour in four years with concert in Belfast, Ireland. The singer admitted a lot of pre-gig nerves, but the concert has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The Guardian gave the concert four out of five stars calling the performance “solid — if unsurprising.” The Sun gave her five stars, saying that the show “‘proved why she is the most successful artist of the 21st century.”


Adele was very frank about her stage fright after she sang her first three songs.

“They told me not to talk for three songs so my nerves could calm down a little,” she admitted.

Adele was completely uncensored as she spoke admitting, “I need to wipe the puddle off me face” and continuing, “You should have seen me in the dressing room, I had to do an emergency shave on my legs.” She even went on to inform her fans, “I’ve been f-cking sh-tting myself all day. Bad bowel movements. I’ve had to have an Imodium.”

The concert was stripped down, without any pyrotechnics or costume changes. The notable effects were subtle, like her closed eyes on a screen background for “Hello,” holographic rain during “Set Fire To The Rain,” and lyrical confetti. She wore a custom Burberry dress all night, performing mostly standing or sitting.

“It’s not a Beyonce show,” she noted at one point.

Adele has broken several records with her latest album and was also the biggest-selling artist in the world in 2015.

Fans came from as far as Japan and South Africa to hear the British singer. Even so, Adele joked to her audience, “I know some of you have been dragged along. But I’m going to win you over.”

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