Addison Rae may have become a household name, but at her core, she’s still a TikTok dancer at heart.

The social media star posted a few snaps and a video of herself shaking her booty in a sheer skirt, a nod towards her TikTok past.

She captioned the photo “Just a girl who loves to dance.”

Rae does hot yoga to keep in shape, and even frequents dance studios in L.A.

She shared her six-minute booty workout with her friend Kourtney Kardashian and her brand Poosh back in 2020. Rae recommends two rounds of the workout, complete with fast-paced fire hydrants and donkey kicks. The isolation movements are great for toning and staying in shape.

Last September, Rae got into hot water when she post photos from an Adidas ad of her wearing a swimsuit designed by the brand Praying, which had “Father,” “Son” and “Holy Spirit” written across her breasts. She quickly deleted the post after a huge negative backlash.


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