Adam Pally, the 36-year-old actor known for the Happy Endings and The Mindy Project television programs, recently hosted a segment at the Shorty Awards, an award show honoring social media and its innovators. As it turns out, Pally is not a fan of the event and his commentary made no effort to hide it.


Upon walking onto the stage, Pally set the tone by saying, “Thank you very much for having me tonight at the Shorty Awards, the ‘waiting at the DMV’ of award shows.” He continued, adding, “I do have a few questions about what is happening tonight. I guess I’ll start with, ‘What is going on?’”


Pally spent the next several minutes cycling between unenthusiastically reading from his script and going off on tangents, at one point sarcastically praising the brands that showed the most effort on Instagram. “Considering how many brands are putting all of their resources into Instagram, it’s wildly impressive. Is it?”

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The lights went out at one point, though Pally still stood on stage once they went back on. “Just now, when people thought that they had turned the lights off on me because I have become, like, the villain of the Shorty Awards? I just want to let you know that they didn’t turn the lights off on me. It was just another seamless production value,” Pally quipped.

As Pally braced himself to close his segment, he realized his final act was to commemorate now-defunct brands. Although Pally eventually managed to compose himself, he couldn’t quite believe he was about to honor “Myspace or some s***.”

The entire Shorty Awards presentation can be seen in the following video. Pally’s ten-minute portion, which he attested was “the worst night” of his life, begins at the 2:36:20 mark. It’s worth watching from the moment he takes the stage to when singer Betty Who shoos him off of it:

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