Adam Nimoy, the son of Leonard Nimoy, Spock himself, will be joining regular guest star Will Wheaton to appear in the aptly titled “The Spock Resonance” on the hit TV show.
The news was shared on Twitter today.

Nimoy, who will be appearing as himself, reaches out to Sheldon to agree to take part in a documentary he’s making about his famous father.

Here’s a full synopsis for the episode from CBS:

In “The Spock Resonance,” recurring guest star Wil Wheaton will appear alongside Adam, an accomplished writer and director in real life, who asks Sheldon Cooper to be in a documentary about his beloved father, Leonard.

While being interviewed, Sheldon struggles to suppress his emotions about his recent break-up with Amy, despite his overwhelming excitement for the sci-fi subject matter. 

Nimoy, who died earlier this year, never actually appeared on the show himself but was frequently referenced by the Star Trek-obsessed characters. He did, however, voice a Spock action figure in one episode and the show also paid tribute to him upon his death.

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