The second mass shooting in almost as many days, this time at Sandy Hook Elementary School in suburban Newtown, Connecticut, about 65 miles northeast of New York City, occurred on Friday when alleged gunman Adam Lanza, 20, previously erroneously identified by news outlets as Ryan Lanza, 24 — the name of the suspect's older brother — carried out one of the deadliest mass shootings in the nation's history.

Lanza first reportedly gunned down his mother, Nancy Lanza, at her home, shooting her in the face, reports ABC News, before entering the elementary school where his mother had once worked wearing combat gear and armed with a semi-automatic rifle and at least two handguns, and proceeded to shoot 20 children between the ages of five and 10, as well as six adults, all of whom were later pronounced dead. The shooter then turned a weapon on himself.

Some previous acquaintances of Lanza have characterized his behavior as awkward, "nervous" and "fidgety," reports the New York Times, even suggesting that he might have suffered from a developmental disorder, such as Asperger's, though no such diagnosis has been confirmed.

“You could tell that he felt so uncomfortable about being put on the spot,” said Olivia DeVivo. “I think that maybe he wasn’t given the right kind of attention or help. I think he went so unnoticed that people didn’t even stop to realize that maybe there’s actually something else going on here — that maybe he needs to be talking or getting some kind of mental help. In high school, no one really takes the time to look and think, ‘Why is he acting this way?’”

The misunderstanding previously had Adam Lanza identified as his older brother, Ryan, who works for Ernst & Young and has reportedly not been under suspicion since he has been cooperating with authorities, according to ABC News.

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