Southside With You actress Tika Sumpter‘s mother was arrested for owing a $10 late fee on an overdue library book.


Sumpter, who played Michelle Robinson in the a new film about the Obamas first date, was furious over the ludicrous reaction to a library late fee, and took to Twitter to air her complaint. The mother, Janice Acquista, is a retired correctional officer with no criminal record. The arrest took place in Johnson County, North Carolina. While the library website lays out the late fees for books, a whopping 25 cents a day and 50 cents for digital media, it makes no mention of legal consequences for keeping your book past its due date.

“Treated like a criminal for a late fee of 10 dollars for overdue books at the library,” Sumpter tweeted. “Libraries now put out warrants.”

After the drama of the arrest, it came out that Acquista had actually returned the book months earlier, but an employee failed to input that into the system. Then police claimed the arrest was not even late-fee motivated, citing a check Acquista wrote that bounced and she never settled up.

Sumpter later tweeted that her mother was let out of the local jail.

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