Actor Jason Patric was granted the ability to fight for the custody of his son his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber conceived using his sperm through in vitro fertilization.

Jason Patric Will Fight For Son

Earlier this year, a judge ruled that Patric had no paternity rights or claim of custody for his son. According to the judge, the law stipulates that if a man donates his sperm to a woman he’s not married to and she conceives a son with the sperm through artificial insemination, he doesn’t have a claim to the child.

On appeal, Patric has been given the right to fight for custody, though there’s still no guaranty that he will be granted any parental rights, reported TMZ.

Back in 2009, Patric and Schreiber split after two years of dating. As a parting gift of sorts, Patric allegedly offered his ex his sperm on condition that he not be in the child’s life and not be asked to pay child support. Later that year, Schreiber took him up on his offer.

After two years apart, Patric and Schreiber reconciled, during which time it’s purported Patric got to know his son, Gus. Following their split, Schreiber decided that he wanted parental rights to ensure continued visitation and involvement in his son’s life.

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