ABC is canceling Tim Allen comedy series Last Man Standing after six seasons and fans expressed their anger on Twitter.


The show drew in solid numbers and ratings throughout the 22-episode run of its sixth season, despite airing in the underserved Friday night slot. ABC and 20th Century Fox TV were reportedly at odds over the show’s license fee, so ABC decided to drop it altogether.

There is a chance another channel could pick up the show to continue, but that hasn’t stopped fans from mourning the loss on the Internet. “Outraged that @LastManABC is canceled,” one user wrote. “I just don’t get this country at all.”

“#LastManStanding stupid idea ABC, stupid! So angry!” said another. “So BUMMED to hear #LastManStanding is being cancelled ?WTF is wrong with you #ABC!!! One of the best comedies on TV!!!”

The various Twitter responses were similar, showing grief, anger, and upset over ABC’s decision. Some were confused as to why ABC would choose to renew American Idol and Modern Family over their favorite TV show.

Many have made the connection to the fact that Allen is an outspoken conservative, and has made fun of liberals on the show. ABC, like most of Hollywood, carries an overall liberal message. Last Man was the network’s second-highest comedy this season, averaging 8.1 million viewers. It was ABC’s third-highest scripted series behind Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.

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