Abby Lee Miller, a dance instructor known for the show Dance Moms, is suing the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton after a hotel door allegedly fell on her, injuring her and keeping her stuck for over six minutes.

The incident apparently occurred while Miller was staying at a Hampton Inn in Santa Monica, California for an extended stay between March and October of 2020. Miller has been wheelchair-bound since 2018 due to complications with Burkitt Lymphoma.

According to the complaint, Miller became trapped when her room’s sliding bathroom door fell on her after her wheelchair got stuck on it as she was exiting. Miller was struck in the head and shoulder by the over 300-pound door, and was stuck for “approximately six to twelve minutes” with no help.

Miller was eventually found and transported to a hospital, but the complain alleges that her pleas for help were initially ignored by those that heard them. She says that she still experiences pain from the event, and still has to participate in physical therapy due to the injuries.

The complaint also alleges several instances of the hotel not accommodating Miller’s disability. She says hotel staff “ignored” her repeated requests for accessibility needs, and that she wasn’t even able to access the laundry room since it was not wheelchair accessible.

She is suing the chain for negligence, emotional distress, discrimination, and false imprisonment. Miller is seeking at least $8.5 million in damages.

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