Abby Lee Miller joined Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored crew Jason LeeMelyssa Ford, and Giovanni Watson on Dash Radio for a chat about surgery, Dance Moms, and her then-probable jail time.


Just a day before her jail sentence of 366 days was handed down, Miller spoke about her gastric sleeve surgery, working on Dance Moms, and her debt and trial.

Miller told the trio that she didn’t realize that a gastric sleeve surgery was invasive until close to her surgery date. She told of how she watched her father go through multiple surgeries and ultimately die from esophageal cancer, “so I vowed I would never do anything that was invasive because I just didn’t see the need.”

One of the reasons she decided to go through with the surgery was actually due to knee issues. Miller has dislocated her knee three times, and doctors said, with her weight, a knee replacement would not hold up. So she vowed also to lose weight.

When asked how she got her start with the Lifetime series, Miller took a breath and explained. “An out of work dancer, who had been a very successful working dancer, in the industry…but never saved a dime and had nothing and was kinda down and out, and said, ‘I’ll just create a TV show and sell it,’ and he did,” she said. “We were friends, I knew him since we were 12, 13 years old.”

She talked about the betrayal of the show, and how Lifetime made her look bad and turned on her. “They would not be here or where they are if it was not for me. It was my friend that made the show, it was at my studio,” she said. The host chimed in to add that, “it was your personality that made us watch the show.”

She also promises “dirt on the Dance Moms” in a potential new book, but Miller stayed very hush hush about the project. And about going to jail, Miller says she has her “peeps in place” to keep the studio running while she’s gone. “A friend said to me, the judge could be a doctor and tell you that you have cancer, and you are not gonna get out in 3 months, or 6 months, or a year, you’re gonna have it, and it’s gonna be hell,” she said. “This? You’re gonna go and you’re gonna get through it and you’re gonna come out on the other end and you’re gonna start all over again. It’s not quote a “death sentence.””

See the entire interview below.

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