Abby Lee Miller, who is a star on the reality TV show Dance Moms which airs on the Lifetime network, has been indicted for fraud after hiding $775,000 from the Lifetime series earnings as well as spin-offs during her Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Abby Lee Miller Indicted On Bankruptcy Fraud charges

The charges places against Miller are two counts of bankruptcy fraud, five counts of concealing bankruptcy assets and 13 counts of making false bankruptcy declarations. Each count that coincides with these charges results in five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

In 2010, Miller had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and then apparently lied to the court about how much income she was making through each episode and even went as far as creating secret bank accounts to hide that money so it could restructure her debt. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Thomas Agresti was watching TV one night when he came upon Miller’s Ultimate Dance Competition and figured her salary figures must be false, thus rejecting her bankruptcy repayment plan.

Dance Moms features Miller being a coach to a team of exceptional young dancers and the harsh behavior she gives the girls, to the point of them crying on television. The show also shows the erratic relationships Miller has with the dancers’ mothers.

A court summons will be sent to Miller’s attention on Nov. 5 for her to appear in court in Pittsburgh. No word from Miller’s representatives has been released yet.

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