Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end indicted on first-degree murder for the June slaying of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, reportedly abused angel dust, formally known as PCP or phencyclidine.

Hernandez, 23, had become a regular user of the street drug over the last year, which made him increasingly paranoid and convinced that he needed to carry a gun at all times to ensure his safety, according to a Rolling Stone report. In the article, it's speculated that Hernandez’s use of the drug may have contributed to his alleged killing of Lloyd.

Two nights prior to Lloyd’s shooting death, he’d been partying with Hernandez and the professional football player’s crew at a popular Boston nightclub. When Lloyd left the VIP area briefly to say hi to a couple of cousins he’d spotted, Hernandez kept his eyes on him. Lloyd’s cousins were advising him not to hang out with Hernandez, to which Lloyd replied, “You’re gonna start some shit ‘tween me and him.” But his warning was too late, as Hernandez looked on while the cousin speaking jabbed a finger in his direction.

When Lloyd returned to the VIP section, security cameras captured the two getting into a heated verbal argument. Outside the club later that night, the two were spotted getting into it again. Two days later, Hernandez was still steaming, and was caught on his home security footage shouting, “You can’t trust anyone,” around the time he called up his two Bristol, Conn., lackeys – Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz – to tell them to get themselves to his house. When they arrived, Hernandez left his home with a glock .45.


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Hernandez has been connected to four separate incidents that have left six people shot, three of whom died. One of those incidents was a drive by shooting while he was in college at the University of Florida playing for Urban Meyer. Nothing ever came of it, and little came of Hernandez’s apparent failed drug tests, leading to speculation of repeated cover-ups, according to Rolling Stone. For the most part, Hernandez’s alleged criminal activity had left him unscathed until this summer.

An explanation for the standout tight end’s increasing brazenly violent behavior, according to a family friend, is his increased use of angel dust. “Don’t matter what it’s about: Aaron’s out of his mind,” the told the music magazine. “He’s been twisted on dust now for more than a year, which is when all of this crazy shit started.”

– Chelsea Regan

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