Rakim Athelaston Mayers, better known by his stage name A$AP Rocky, was charged with assault back in July. While visiting Sweden to participate in its annual Smash Hip Hop Festival, an altercation arose between Rocky and two men who had been following him. Reportedly, the rapper and his two bodyguards, David Rispers Jr. and Bladimir Corniel, attacked one of the men, the 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari, and were subsequently arrested. However, Rocky has received attention and support from many, including fellow musician Justin Bieber and President Donald Trump.


The three-time BET Hip Hop Award winner pleaded self-defense during the trial. Rocky claimed he hoped to avoid violence and only resorted to it as the two men continued to follow him without consent. The 30-year-old artist claimed one man escalated the conflict by picking a fight with one of his bodyguards, noting how both men appeared to be under the influence of drugs.


Prosecutors presented video footage of the altercation, showcasing Rocky tossing Jafari to the ground. They also contested that Jafari was hit with a bottle, a notion Per Lennerbrant, the presiding judge, agreed the evidence supported. Jafari testified against Rocky too, and photos of his blood-stained clothes and injuries were presented to the court.

In a summary of their verdict, the court decided that the defendants “were not in a situation where they were entitled to self-defense,” nor did they find that they demanded a prison sentence. Ultimately, the statement concluded, “In an overall assessment the court finds that the assault has not been of such a serious nature that a prison sentence must be chosen.”

On Aug. 2, the three were released, having spent almost a month in prison, and were sent back to the United States. Rocky and his bodyguards were granted “conditional sentences” from the court, which means they were found guilty but won’t face further imprisonment unless they commit a similar offense on Swedish soil. Moreover, the musician was required to pay 12,500 kronor (about $1,310) in compensation to Jafari. Slobodan Jovicic, Rocky’s defense lawyer, was dissatisfied with the verdict, stating he sought “a complete acquittal” for his client.


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