Rapper A$AP Rocky was attacked in New Zealand over a dispute on an elevator ride. The rapper was in town for a concert and was staying at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland.

According to TMZ, at around 3 a.m., the rapper was getting onto an elevator with a group of women when three unidentified males wanted to occupy the elevator as well. A$AP told the men that there was no more room for them to board.

Proceeding the dismissal, the men began attacking the rapper by punching him while he tried to protect the women.

Witnesses to the incident claimed the men knew who the rapper was and were shouting, “F–k A$AP!” Police and hotel security eventually broke up the fight and arrested one of the men.

Rocky is scheduled to perform at the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park, New South Wales, Australia, on Thursday night and it is unclear whether he sustained any injuries after the attack.

The rapper took to his Twitter to respond to the attacks. He tweeted, “ASSAULTED? NIGGAS GET SHOT EVERY DAY B, HA”

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